"How To Profit From Today's Economic Mess by Leveraging The Four Horsemen" 

Discover How an "Insider Group" of Regular Americans are using the "Four Horsemen" to Rake In MASSIVE Profits... And How YOU Can Join Them and Collect Your First Check in As Little As 34 Days...

(No Experience or Credit Required)

There’s a MASSIVE opportunity right now for anyone with wholesaling skills to make thousands of dollars while also rescuing these homeowners from financial ruin.

WITHOUT the skills and the specific roadmap, it's easy to feel lost and stuck in the mud...

Without Wholesaling Mastery

  • No consistent lead flow
  • No real system to finding, closing and exiting deals
  • Not sure what potholes to avoid

With Wholesaling Mastery

  • A full end to end process that'll help you find and exit deals
  • Consistent lead flow
  • How to scale the system predictably

My name is David Corbaley. I’ve been a real estate investor and educator for the last 20 years.

And I’m writing this letter for the men and women interested in building massive wealth while helping others in need during one of the most difficult times in recent history.

You see, over the last few years, the real estate industry has seen dramatic changes. And this “real estate apocalypse” is caused by a handful of major factors that I call the “Four Horsemen.”

Horseman #1: COVID

On January 21, 2021… the CDC confirmed the first case of the COVID-19 virus in the United States. And it didn’t take long for the country to start reeling from its effects.

Due to lockdowns, businesses shut down. Jobs were lost. And millions across the country were thrown into financial hardship.

People fell behind on rent and mortgage payments. And remote work caused a mass exodus in many cities, driving up vacancies and crushing property prices in many urban centers.

The government saw the situation and decided to take action. Actions that paved the way for…

Horseman #2: Inflation

In a desperate bid to rescue the economy from the damage caused by lockdowns, this happened…

The Federal Reserve fired up the money printer, creating over 40% of all the US dollars in existence over the next 18 months.

With businesses and supply chains driven to a screeching halt by lockdowns, we wound up with a lot of money chasing a few goods… leading to product shortages and price hikes on everything.

Gas prices made work commutes unaffordable. Families struggled to pay their rising bills.  And costs for the same bag of groceries skyrocketed.

Leading to even more folks falling behind on rent and their mortgage payments because everything else got more expensive.

But the damage didn’t stop there.

Remember, I’m going to tell you what this all means and how you can make serious money from this once-in-a-lifetime economy, so bear with me.

To stop people from spending all the money they printed and slow down rising prices, the Federal Reserve is now doing something else.

They decided it was time to summon…

Horseman #3: Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates… dramatically.

Making this one of the most expensive times to ever borrow money.

Homes that people could afford just two years ago have become completely untouchable today.

With many houses worth $400,000 or more being treated like a leper in the real estate markets.

But interest rates don’t only affect the real estate sector.

When borrowing money becomes expensive, businesses suffer. They start tightening their belts and laying off employees, doing everything they can to cut back expenses. And even then, many of them don’t cut back fast enough to avoid going out of business.

Which means that we’re about to face…

Horseman #4: Recession

This is where we are right now.

After a perfect storm caused by the first 3 Horseman, we find ourselves in a crisis that promises massive opportunity for those with the right skills.

COVID, Inflation, Interest Rates, and the coming Recession has created an environment where 3 million homes are in foreclosure…

Another 2.1 million families are months behind on their mortgages…

And yet another 250,000 households are underwater, saddled with mortgages bigger than the price of the home!

Put together, we have MILLIONS of homeowners on the market DESPERATE for someone to take these homes off their hands…

Creating an opportunity for someone who knows what they’re doing to come in and help them…

While making thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands from each transaction.

And every step of this insanely lucrative process is broken down in our new WHOLESALING Mastery system.

If you're struggling to get your first deal done...

Or if you're only squeaking out 1, 2 or 3 deals per year...

And want to do more...

We're going to solve that for you right here on this page.

The last few years have created a massive opportunity for people who actually want to HELP other people in need…

This current “Triple” of problems our country has been facing has created HAVOC.

Especially for homeowners.

As a matter of fact, there are currently over 3 million houses in foreclosure (WOAH!).

Foreclosure moratoriums are long gone, and that means…

Homeowners need help… FAST.

If you don’t understand any of that, don’t worry. You don’t need to.

Just know that in my 20 years of real estate investing, and after helping thousands of people around the country succeed in real estate…

I will tell you that THIS is a rare opportunity both help people in need…

AND make hefty paychecks in the process.

2023 is THE year to break into a successful real estate investing business.

Let me explain more…

There is a massive economic disruption happening right now.

Inflation is through the roof.

People are struggling to put food on the table…

Interest rates have skyrocketed, making the 400k and above houses untouchable.

Many people are still unemployed…

Millions of people are behind on their house payments…

I could keep going, but you get the picture.

Here’s what that means…

A lot of people are going to struggle, there’s no way around that, and it just stinks.

However, a select few people will be in the position to help those who are struggling and give them some relief, and…

Make tidy profits in the process.

In this short video, I’m going to show you how to be the person who helps others and makes the paychecks.

It’s all broken down in our new WHOLESALING MASTERY System. Which at a high level view, breaks down into 3 primary categories...

Finding Motivated Sellers

I'll show you how to find motivated sellers.
(there are plenty out there! It's all about knowing WHERE to look)

Evaluating Deals

I'll give you the structure and process we use to evaluate what deals will make money and which are a waste of time.

Executing A Profitable Exit and Close

The most important piece, how you can actually profit from this system and execute a profitable exit and close.

Introducing: The Wholesaling Mastery System.

The Wholesaling Mastery System:
How It Works

Module 1: The Foundation

  • We’ll go through an overview of the system and how it works, the basics of how these deals work so you understand and then we’ll dive into realistic expectations and get you ready for success.

Module 2: Finding Motivated Sellers

  • We’ll cover what makes a motivated seller and why most investors simply can’t find them. We’ll show you how to pick your target market(s) in just 6 minutes using a free software. This will increase your success rate 10-fold. Most new investors blindly start marketing without knowing any better, ultimately in a market that won’t garner successful results. This is a KEY factor in your success!

Module 3: Seller Calls Made Easy

  • I’m going to show you how to work with people in a way that almost feels magical. The rapport and trust you’ll gain will change your world AND put you in a different playing field than other investors. Not that that matters, since you’ll have virtually no competition… We’ll show you how to talk to sellers. You’ll listen to many amazing calls and learn why our students are so successful. You’ll get scripts and you’ll easily overcome any fear you may have of talking to sellers. They’re just people! And they need help…

Module 4: Evaluating Deals

  • You’ll learn how to quickly do comparable analysis to determine what the property is worth

    We’ll show you some simple formulas so you know exactly what you can offer for the house

Module 5-6: Pro Negotiating and Paperwork

  • When we can create a win/win outcome, the seller will love what you offer

    You’ll learn the simple offer strategies we use based on our market research we covered in the previous module

    You’ll learn how to guide the conversation (it’s easy!) and have the seller ready to work with you

    You’ll use your comps, repair estimates and other data to help the seller understand why your offer is so good

    There is a system for this, and it works!

Week 7-8: Profitable Exits and Closing

  • An Exit Strategy is how you “Exit” the deal.

    There are many different ways, but the primary types we like are Wholesaling - Wholesaling is one of the fastest ways to get started in real estate You can do it without any cash or credit You can get a deal done very quickly and get paid. We’ll show you how to easily build a buyers list and also…

    How you can sell your properties directly to our network of thousands of investors! Wholesaling is fast, and it’s how most people get started, but… We’ll also cover additional ways, so you’ll have an advantage over any competitors.

Yes, you can do this without investing any money

Yes, you can do this if your credit stinks

Yes, you can do this even if you have ZERO experience

You’ll have a system that brings these sellers to you month after month

Imagine, helping people out of a really bad situation…

And getting paid well every time you do it!

I know you’ve probably bought different courses in the past

With the hope of making this real estate business work

And I know that a lot of that stuff out there is… well…

Not quite what you were looking for…

Things change! Markets change!

What may have worked in 2005 most likely will NOT work now

If you’re tired of buying shiny object courses that don’t work

You’re about to have your world rocked by incredible value…


I know a lot of want-to-be investors are confused

Not quite sure what to do

How to start

Most likely have bought a few courses that didn’t work out

Well, I’m going to change that.

I was there once too

Looking up on stage at the successful investor

Hoping to get there some day

And… buying the same old courses that you probably have

Several years in, I finally found someone who cared

They showed me how this business really works

And that changed my life

Now I’m doing that for you

I want to help you help others

It’s time for us ALL to pull together

Why the big discount David? This seems like a lot of value!

Indeed, it is inexpensive

Like I said, I want to help you help others…

And if you don’t have to spend 1,000 bucks on a great training…

Then you WILL be able to get access and create success!

That’s why I’m blowing this out for just $97 for a very limited time

I have an entire support team, software systems and other business costs

This will help me cover those costs

But also gets a little “skin in the game” from you

$97 bucks isn’t much, but it’ll help you take action

Let me just say – This is NOT a $97 system…

It is a $1000 system, and you get it for just $97

Big difference!

This amazing system includes every single piece of the puzzle

Everything you need to do your first or next deal

The training, the paperwork, the examples, the support team


I told you this was easily worth $1000 or more…

However, I want to make this such a simple decision for you…

Once you see all of this, you’ll probably be a little angry about the money you’ve spent on someone else’s training that just didn't have what you needed...

I’m going to include some excellent Bonuses when you claim your spot today:


The Investor Personality Test

When you take this Investor Personality Test
You’ll know exactly what kind of investment deals you should be going after. Maybe you don’t like talking to sellers. Maybe you want deals to move very quickly Maybe you like things moving slowly and like to analyze. The results will show you just what type of deals you should focus on. This will save you so much headache! We’ve found after working with thousands of students. This is the best way to get them started off on the right foot.


Direct Mail Playbook

While many of our marketing strategies are free, we also love direct mail. Most people tell you to be happy with a 1% response rate No way! See, we’ve designed these “Playbooks” for our own business We have one for everything! Just follow the guidelines in the playbook and watch your response rates Go up to 10% or more! What if mailing 500 postcards got you 50 calls instead of just 5? Great, right?


Converting Phone Scripts

We’ve developed phone scripts for many different type of deals:
- Probate
- High Equity
- Tired Landlord
- Pre-Foreclosure and many more
You’ll be armed with what to say to ANY of these type of leads.


Extra Closing Documents

In addition to all the paperwork you need for a deal, we’ll also add some special forms we like to use:
- Memo of Purchase Agreement to protect your deals
- Memo of Option to protect deals with Optional LLC Assignment forms and more!


Virtual Assistant Playbook

This playbook will show you how to find, hire and train Virtual Assistants who will help you so run your business and take many tasks off of your plate so you can focus on the top priorities! People LOVE this Playbook since it has such a positive impact on their business.


Seller/Buyer Questionnaire

This is used by your Virtual Assistants or your team to systematically gather information from Buyers and Sellers.
This makes it easy to help train them and automate your business.

I’m including all of these amazing bonuses when you get access to the wholesaling mastery system.

What Our Students Have to Say

So this letter is ending and I hope you see the immense value you'll get once you grab this mastery program...

You’ll have everything you need to:

o  Get motivated sellers contacting you consistently

o  Sign up profitable deals on a regular basis

o  Quickly sell those deals using our network of buyers, or US!

o  Make paychecks over and over by helping others

o  Scale your business as large as you want

o  Build your lifestyle of freedom for you and your family

It’s all here

This entire system could easily sell for over $1000

And it would be a bargain at that…

You get it all today for next to nothing

I mentioned earlier…

I’m building a network of “Doers” who can help me make a difference

Who can work with me to make a significant impact

And help the millions of homeowners who need us right now

All while getting paid very well to do it

This is your chance to become one of our Team

This is a community, all working toward the same goal

You’ll get everything I covered in this video, all for just one payment of just $47

Click the button below right now and claim your spot

You have a simple choice to make…

Keep doing what you’ve been doing

Keep struggling and trying to figure out this business

Frustrated with your lack of success

Not being able to provide that lifestyle to your family that you KNOW they deserve


Take control of your financial destiny right now

Join me in this community and learn how others are changing their lives

With strategies that REALLY work

And they work FAST

Claim your spot

Jump in and follow the step-by-step plan – you can do it

We make it easy to understand and follow

We’re here for you for the whole journey!

Once you get access, you’ll understand that you’ve finally done it…

Finally found what you’ve been searching for

The real deal

The community who is truly helping others succeed

Focused on helping each other, and in turn…

Helping homeowners in need

All while getting paid very well

Simple choice, right?

I have to tell you, while this is just $47 right now

It isn’t going to last long

Take advantage of this right now

Click the button below and get instant access today!

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